Who We Are

When brothers Scott and Matt Egermayer envisioned their ideal food joint, the concept was simple—delicious pizza with unmatched convenience. They devoted their lives to seeking a formula to create this reality. Then it happened. Move over, burgers and fries. See ya, greasy tortillas with mystery beef. Pizza is the new “it” thing. And we’re not talking just any old pizza. Our slices are massive, topped with the best fixings you can imagine. Get ‘em by the slice or by the pie. And why stop there? Cue the saucy wings, signature salads, or our very own garlic parmesan fries. Who knew so quick could be so good?

Go ahead. Give in to what you really want. Let the lighthouses point the way to the best pizza this side of the bay. Lighthouse Pizza. Guiding you to get you some.